Hello! I’m Kawn, a mom  to two beautiful kids based in Denmark.

There are lots of very exciting moments in your child’s life that you’ll never forget and for us it was the first time that my son tried solid food.

We all stood around with cameras at the ready waiting for him to chew those first few mouthfuls and couldn’t contain our excitement at the happy smiles we were sure we were going to see.

He liked it! And thus began our wild ride into the world of food with our little one.

 The benefit of cooking your own baby food is always a better option. It is a healthier choice and gives you the chance to control what your baby eats while leaving out the unnecessary food additives, like starch, preservatives, sugar and salt, and not having to worry about lost quality that you get through the pasteurization process that commercial food employs.

Real quality food won’t last 6 months on a shelf so you can be sure that your efforts to enhance your baby’s health are very wise ones indeed.

I believe that if you introduce a variety of food, flavours and colours to your child is most likely going to pay off for you and your baby in the future.

The purpose of making these recipes is to show parents that making homemade baby and toddler food is a much easier process than thought! I’m a first time mum myself and if I can do it every parent can do it!

I spent every one of my son’s nap times studying techniques and nutritional facts on how to introduce solid food.Over the course of my short journey I’ve met and talked to many parents and none of them ever regretted the extra hours they had to spend in the kitchen when they could have been resting.

Parenting can sometimes be a thankless task. There are no pats on the back, pay rises, paid holiday or even sometimes lunch breaks. It is however, as you all know or are about to find out, the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

For me it was never a question to leave my son’s diet up to someone else and pick it from a shelf in the supermarket. While it’s been hard finding the time I always managed to do it and so can you.

The age guidelines is only general, remember every baby is different, therefore always check with your pediatrician or doctor when introducing solid foods. I categorized the ages for when I introduced my son to these meals based on my country’s recommendations, therefore they might differ from other guidelines. Anyhow you should follow what your own pediatrician recommends.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this exciting time in your baby’s life as much as I did and still do.