3-ingredient Banana Pancakes

This gluten, diary and refined sugar-free banana pancake recipe is super delicious and a heathy treat for your little one to munch on without feeling guilty as it only contains natural ingredients and still calcium rich. it doesn’t get easier than this!

3-ingredient Banana pancakes, refined sugar-free and absolutely delicious treat for kids

Super 3-Ingredient easy banana pancakes. [8m+] I would give this. Without the chia though.

No added sugar, diary and gluten free.

Great as a breakfast meal for the family at the same time enjoyable for babies and toddlers. It is naturally sweeten by the ripe bananas. I added syrup but it was too sweet so don’t do that!

2-3 small ripe bananas
3 small eggs
1 cup of ground almond flour (maybe coconut flour can work too)
(1 tbsp of chia seeds can be omitted though.)


1. Cut the banana and whisk the egg and banana together until there’s no big lumps left. You can use an immersion hand blender.

2. Add the almond flour and whisk the mixture until it turns into a thick liquid. Add the chia (optional) and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Add more almond flour if the mixture is too thin.

3. Fry the pancakes in a medium heated pan with some coconut butter or just ordinary diary butter. Add a little bit of butter after each pancake. Each pancake is about 2 tbsp of the mixture. Widen it with the spoon and flip it as soon as it gets non sticky. The pancakes are meant to be small because they tend to separate if you make them too big and thin.

Also make sure your child doesn’t have allergies to any of the ingredients because both eggs and nuts are high allergens.

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