8 Tips On Hiding Veggies

8 great TIPS on hiding veggies into your kids diet. read more details

It is important that you don’t serve vegetables hidden in food only because kids should get used to seeing it. Instead serve vegetables on the side of the plate and at the same time hide them in their meals. Covering every area of their diet with veggies.

8 tips that I’ve made use of:

1. Hiding veggies like parsnips & cauliflower without changing the color in mashed potato.

2. Grate carrots & zucchini or other vegetables and add it to baked goods like in breads, muffins, pancakes.

3. Blend among the fruit 1 vegetable like carrots, green beans, spinach ect.

4. The spices and flavors in a tomato sauce will cover a lot of vegetables.

5. Popsicles made on fruit and vegetable purées.

6. sometimes cooking vegetables differently might me just it.

7. Almost any vegetables tastes good with sweet potato.

8. Adding purée cubes into baby meals cools it down fast but also adds a little vegetables. During teething periods I used to freeze butternut squash and serve it in fresh food feeders for my baby and he loved it!

Please share if you have other tips! Would love to hear what you do to give your kids their veggies

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