Kale, Potato and Whitefish Purée [7m+]

Kale, potato & whitefish puree [7m+]

Some of you have asked me to make meals with fish so here’s one good combo: (Kale, potato & whitefish puree [7m+]), great and healthy superfood combo.
Added an apple to give it a little lightness and sweetness.


1 kale leave
3-4 small potatoes
1-2 Sweet apples
1/2 small white fish filet and make sure it is good quality and doesn’t smell too fishy lol. Frozen is fine.

All fresh food organic.


1. Wash the kale and peel the potatoes and cut everything.

2. steam the apple, whitefish, potatoes and boil the kale, but you can also steam the kale it will just take longer time to cook properly.

I steam with two pots, one on top of the other. The buttom part boils and the top part has holes in it where the steam comes through. So I added the kale to the buttom part of the pot and steamed the rest on the top pot. So they were prepared at the same time.

3. Steam till everything is cooked u might want to remove the apples first and leave the rest steaming because they are done cooking faster than the rest of the ingredients.

4. Blend everything to a puree. Thin it out using the boil water.
Don’t blend the white fish if your baby are able to chew. They might enjoy something to chew on.

Baby spoon by: @donebydeer

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend everyone!

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