Apricot Oatmeal Porridge

Oatmeal porrdige with apricot - breakfast meal

Super easy Apricot, Apple and cinnamon oatmeal porridge [6m+] I’d give this.

I’m tired of serving the same oatmeal porridge every morning, so I spiced it up a little with some apricots, apples and cinnamon and it was absolutely yummy and naturally sweeten by the apricots plus a great meal if your little one suffers from constipation.

?3 organic dry apricots (instead of the orange color of sulfite treated dried apricots, unsulfured dried apricots have a brown color, and are a much healthier choice.)
?1/2 apple
?1 cup of oatmeal (rolled)
?2-3 cups of milk or (water and then infant formula powder.)
?1 knob of butter
?1 tsp cinnamon
All organic if possible

1. Chop the apricots and the apple into tiny pieces.
2. Turn on the heat and add the milk or water to the pot.
3. Add the oats, apples and apricots and keep stirring until it thickens and the porridge starts making heavy bubbles.
4. Pulse the porridge with an immersion hand blender to blend the apricot chunks because I worry that babies won’t be able to chew the apricot chunks.
5. Add cinnamon and a knob of butter and serve warm.

You can cook the oats with breastmilk or water and add infant formula, if you prefer not to cook with diary milk for your baby. In Denmark the recommendations says it’s okay to cook with diary milk before the age of 1.

?Just want to explain why it’s better to buy dry apricots organic even though they look brown and unappetizing.
Commercially grown dried apricots is treated with sulfur dioxide gas during processing to extend their shelf life and to help prevent oxidation and bleaching of color.
But Sulfite reactions can be particularly acute in people who suffer from asthma. (Which my son does). Foods that are classified as organic do not contain sulfites since it’s prohibited to use any of these preservatives in organically grown foods. Yet another reason to purchase organic foods.

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