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Salmon, Cauliflower and cherry tomato baby puree

Salmon, Cauliflower and cherry tomato baby puree. The perfect fall baby food puree for your little one. Salmon is rich in omega-3 acids which is essential for your baby’s developing brain, eye and nerve system.  It can be difficult incorporating fish rich in omega-3 acids into your baby’s diet, as sometimes the puree tastes too ”fishy”. […]

Sweet potato and Black bean baby purée

It’s a simple satisfying and nutritious recipe, makes a great side dish too just like mashed potatoes just more nutrient dense. My son approved it big time.   Freezable ❄️ up till 3 months. Share this post Print Recipe Sweet potato & Black bean baby purée A satisfying and protein rich baby meal Servings 4 […]

Green bean, butter bean and pear baby purée

No commercial baby food in the world will look this fresh! This super green bean baby purée was so delicious and easy to make! Hopefully your little one will love it too. No commercial baby food in the world will look this fresh! This super green bean baby purée was so delicious and easy to make. […]

Vanilla, figs and apple baby food purée

I honestly always have some apple sauce in the fridge because it is such a versatile thing to use! this recipe fruit purée can be used as a sweetener and topping on porridges, pancakes, in smoothies or enjoyed just as it is!! Figs is a good source of fiber and contains several essential minerals like […]

Cauliflower, Kale and Butternut squash Baby Purée

This homemade cauliflower, kale and butternut squash baby purée is a great first food. Mild in flavor yet loaded with nutrients. You can easily serve it with some protein such as chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Did you know that butternut squash makes a great base for purees, it is creamy and filling and the […]

The importance of iron in baby’s diet

The importance of iron in baby’s diet. Iron is critical for babies’ brain development and cognitive function so read more below on what foods boost the iron intake. The importance of iron in baby’s’ diet. LET’S TALK IRON EVERYONE! Lisa Hewitt from is a holistic infant nutritionist and she is going to share with us today […]

Working with fussy eaters

If you are a parent of a fussy or picky eater, then this post is for you! Working with fussy eaters can be a challenge but using these strategies and tricks might help you through this phase.

Working with fussy eaters can be frustrating but understanding why and how to tackle this period will give you a great chance to overcome this with as little struggle as possible.

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Homemade baby food equipments

Homemade baby food equipments are easy to find you might already have them in your kitchen, all you need is a blender, freezer trays and a steamer pot. There is no need to buy expensive, fancy kitchen gadgets. Getting ready to wean is less time consuming if you own the right tools and plan ahead.  […]

How Much Dairy Should My Kid Eat?

Does your kid consume too much dairy a day or maybe not enough? Here’s a general guide to help answering this. The list will show how much dairy is recommended for kids in their different ages. I have honestly been wondering the same thing with my own two kids. How much dairy should my kids eat? […]