Baby puree: Avocado, chick pea, pear [8m+]


Homemade babyfood: Avocado, chick pea, pear puree [8m+]

This was a wondeful combo and a big hit! definitely making this again for my little one.


– 1/2 ripe avocado

– 3 ripe pears

– 1 tbsp chick pea (I used organic unsalted canned chickpea)

– 4 leaves of basil (can be omitted)

– 1/2-1 tsp of flaxseeds which you grind with a hand blender. Or u can also use milled flaxseeds. Organic



1. Wash and peel the pears.

2. Blend everything into a puree.

Make sure the flaxseeds are well blended so your baby can benefit og its wonderful nutrients.

Post Author: Kawn Al-Jabbouri

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