Sweet Corn, Kale and Carrot Purée [6m+]


Sweet Corn, Kale and Carrot Puree [6m+]

This was a wonderful homemade baby puree!

Using fresh corn rather than canned corn gives a whole other flavor and freshness to the puree. I think every little soul would love this puree. Simple and full of nutrition.


– 1 whole sweet corn
– 1 kale leave
– 3 carrots
– Plant based fat I used rapeseed oil.


1. Peel and cut the carrots.
Wash and remove the stem of the kale.
Snap off the stem and remove the husk and silk off the corn.

2. Fill the water to cover the corn and bring it to boil for about 10 minutes. Steam the rest till it’s cooked.

3. When everything is cooked blend the mixture into a puree and add the oil. Serve.
blend it according to your baby’s ability to chew solid food.

The exact cooking time for the corn will vary depending on the type of corn and how mature it is, but fresh sweet corn usually cook faster.

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