Baby’s All-Purpose Organic Apple Pear Puree

Organic Apple Pear Puree suitable for baby weaning 4-6 months +

Baby’s All Purpose Organic Apple Pear Puree 


You can use this light and  healthy fruit puree as it is or as a topping to your toddler or baby’s oatmeal porridge for some extra flavor and nutrients.

This two-ingredient organic apple pear puree recipe has multiple functions. You can use it to spice up your little ones ordinary oatmeal porridge or you can simply use it as it is. it is a great base for any porridge and it also serves well as a good toddler smoothie when thinned out with some coconut milk for instance.

Either way it is great to have frozen cubes in hand for whenever you need to add some extra flavor to the morning breakfasts.

Prepping this  organic apple pear puree is easier than you think, all you need is some basic equipment and you are ready to go.


Here’s some of the equipment I use to prep baby food with:
– An immersion hand blender from the brand Braun.
– A traditional steamer pot with holes.
– Silicone baby food containers
– Seriously invest in an apple cutter, makes life way easier.

– 4 sweet apples
– 6 small pears

All organic

1. Peel, core and cut the ingredients. It is recommended to peel the fruit for babies under the age of 8 months because it goes easier on their stomach to digest. I just didn’t as most of the nutrients lays in the peel of the produce and because I made it for my toddler son and he can tolerate it. 

2. Steam the produce for 10 min.

3. Blend everything until you get the desired consistency. Add some of the boil water to thin it out.

4. Pour the mixture into baby food containers, I use kiddofeedo baby food containers as they are the best ones I have tried so far.

5. Freeze and reheat whenever demanded.


Frozen organic apple pear puree cubes are great to cool down hot porridges.


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