Banana & Date yoghurt

Baby dessert - Banana, date and plain yoghurt suitable from 7 months

Banana & date yoghurt

A very simple breakfast idea for babies. The reason I wait to give my son yoghurt is that it contains a lot of protein which is not suitable for young babies in big amounts.
I usually never buy my son store bought fruit yoghurt as most of them contains a lot of sugar and I don’t need a hyped kid!

Instead I make my own homemade fruit yoghurt by choosing 1 ingredient that has a natural sweet taste like dates, figs, apricots ect. and another fruit or berry as the ”filling” then i just blend the ingredients all together.
It’s healthier and it even tastes better than processed store bought yoghurt. Also a great replacement for older kids’ breakfast with a sprinkle of muesli.

– 1 ripe banana
– 4 soft dates
-1 cup of plain yoghurt natural (not sour) – or if u want coconutmilk for a smoothie.

All organic if possible

1. All u do is add the ingredients to an empty bowl and blend it into a puree.

Simple – I didn’t like it but my son did! Lol so I hope your little ones would enjoy this too

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