Baby’s Butternut squash puree

Butternut squash baby food puree - for weaning babies

Organic Butternut squash and carrot puree


I love to cook butternut squash puree for my baby, it’s full of vitamin A and C and fiber. Their sweet taste is great specially if you roast them in the oven! My baby loves it but now that he is older I usually make butternut squash risotto.

Here’s some tips on how to choose a ripe butternut squash:

Visual clues can tell you a lot about the butternut squash. It should be **beige all over**, the darker the shade, the better. It should have no green patches. The skin should be mat, not shiny, and free of cuts and blemishes



  • Butternut squash
  •  Fat of your choice, examples: organic cold pressed canola oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil ect.


1. Cut and leave the peel on . Steam the butternut squash with the peel on because it’s much easier to take off when the squash is cooked.

2. Steam, but not for too long, just till they get soft enough to blend into a puree.

3. Add butter (or any other kind of fat)

4. Add formula if u want

5. Blend. Season a bit with thyme if u want.

Freeze the rest and defrost for another meal.


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