Baked Tri-colored Carrot Finger food.

Baked tri-colored carrots great as a side dish to toddler meals as well as babies practicing self-feeding. sprinkle some dry herbs and serve as is.

Baked tri-colored carrot baby and toddler finger food

Baked tri-colored carrots –  Baby & Toddler Finger Food.

Root vegetables is back in season!

Eating finger food is an important step toward independence and is also a fun experience that helps them develop their fine motor skills and coordination.

Sometimes boiling or steaming the produce can become dull and too plain, baking root vegetables on the other hand enhances the flavor of the produce and is a big yes in our home.

Different way to serve carrots and perfect for babies who’s practicing self-feeding, as well as a side dish to toddler meals. my son had this for lunch and dinner with something else next to. He loves baked root vegetables! You can do the same with potatoes, parsnips, beets or any other root vegetable.
8 months and onwards I’d serve this. But in general babies are ready to try root vegetables, such as carrots, at 6 to 8 months whether pureed or solid finger food.

Carrots are easy for babies and toddlers to swallow and digest. Most babies like the taste, because they have a natural preference for sweet flavors which carrots naturally contains.



– Organic carrots
– Olive oil
– Seasoning of your choice I used dry thyme, oregano and basil.


1. Peel the carrot and cut both ends. Cut lengthwise.

2. Add olive oil and turn the carrots with your fingers and add seasoning

3. Now this is important, place them on a baking sheet separate each one shouldn’t touch.

4. Bake for 20 min in a preheated oven 190 C. When you can cut through easily they should be done. And yes they should be a little sobby and not too hard, in order for them to dissolve easily.
The left over can be eaten the next day too.

If you slice the carrots very thin with a mandolin you can make carrot chips instead, using the same method as mentioned above. Super yummy toddler snack and adult snack as well.

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