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Vegetable loaded meat sauce

Vegetable loaded meat sauce. Meat sauces is a great way to sneak in some vegetables into your little ones meals.

vegetable loaded meat sauce – sneaking in loads of vegetables into your baby’s or toddler’s food is a great way to ensure a healthy kids meal.

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Product review of: ezpzfun the happy mat.

Product review of: ezpzfun the happy mat. It’s a genius invention and a must have for messy eaters! It’s a mat and placemat in one, which means that it captures all of your kids’ messes. Plus, due to the unique design and silicone construction, the mat self-seals to the table, so your baby can’t tip […]

20 K giveaway – 3 winners – Go to instagram for entrance!

Go to Instagram for entrance: I’m happy to announce my 20 k international Giveaway! Giving away 11 awesome baby products to 3 winners! 1. Prize is: 1 kupp,1 ezpz mat, 1 lilly pot, 1 Annabel Karmel book, 2 kiddo feddo babyfood trays. 2. Prize: numnum spoons, 1 pack of littlemashies, baby prep Sunday ebook. 3. […]