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The importance of iron in baby’s diet

The importance of iron in baby’s diet. Iron is critical for babies’ brain development and cognitive function so read more below on what foods boost the iron intake. The importance of iron in baby’s’ diet. LET’S TALK IRON EVERYONE! Lisa Hewitt from is a holistic infant nutritionist and she is going to share with us today […]

Working with fussy eaters

If you are a parent of a fussy or picky eater, then this post is for you! Working with fussy eaters can be a challenge but using these strategies and tricks might help you through this phase.

Working with fussy eaters can be frustrating but understanding why and how to tackle this period will give you a great chance to overcome this with as little struggle as possible.

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Homemade baby food equipments

Homemade baby food equipments are easy to find you might already have them in your kitchen, all you need is a blender, freezer trays and a steamer pot. There is no need to buy expensive, fancy kitchen gadgets. Getting ready to wean is less time consuming if you own the right tools and plan ahead.  […]


This super easy non- refined sugar muffin recipe isn’t sweet it’s more like spicy bread made in a muffin tin which makes it a great snack for your toddler or older baby to snack on. Your entire home 

Sweet Potato muffins - Homemade baby and toddler food snack Idea - Super easy recipe


First food Prepping – Homemade baby food

Prepping homemade baby food 1-2 weeks ahead will save you a lot of time and trouble. All it takes is to get into a routine, following a few steps, preparation and storage techniques.

How to prep your baby's first food - homemade baby food
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