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20 K giveaway – 3 winners – Go to instagram for entrance!


Go to Instagram for entrance:

I’m happy to announce my 20 k international Giveaway! Giving away 11 awesome baby products to 3 winners!

1. Prize is: 1 kupp,1 ezpz mat, 1 lilly pot, 1 Annabel Karmel book, 2 kiddo feddo babyfood trays.

2. Prize: numnum spoons, 1 pack of littlemashies, baby prep Sunday ebook.

3. Prize: 1 everbellem smock, 1 donebydeer plate, and a necklace with your baby’s initials by nothingbutglisten.

1. Follow:

2. Repost this image using hashtag #BUgiveaway and writing where you are based next to. (Like #BUgiveaway -Denmark)

NB: to private accounts: Please repost the image as normal without the hashtag, then notify me either on the comment section or screenshot me the image and send it to me in a direct message.

The winners will be announced next Sunday June 14-06-15!


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