Chick pea, apple puree

Baby purees with chick pea and apple, suitable from 6 months old

I’m super excited for these wonderful baby food trays by @kiddofeedo it’s a smart and simple way to freeze homemade baby food.

I had to give them a try so I made a chick pea, apple puree with flaxseeds [8m+] if you omit the flaxseeds it would be suitable from 6 months +

-6-7 sweet organic apples
-1/2 Can of organic chickpeas unsalted.
-1/2 tsp flaxseeds ground or whole.
-1 tbsp plantbased fat I use rapeseed oil.


1. Steam the apples with the peal on for about 15 min till they get soft.

2. Blend the apples and the chickpea and add some oil to the mix.

3. Add the flaxseeds and blend.

4. Pour into the freezable tray put the lid on, and freeze.

I used the trays and they are perfect in size and the non-stick silicone makes the portions pop out easily. Simply leave the tray at room temperature a couple of minutes.

The baby food container is easy to wash.

– Freezer safe
– Oven safe +240C +460F ( that’s pretty awesome.)
– Microwave safe
– Dishwasher safe
– BPA, bacteria resisten, allergens & toxins free

what more do you need? I am definitely recommending this product!

Product tested and approved ✅

They have multiple colors to choose from.
you can order them at:

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