Chickenbreast, asparagus & green beans purée


Chickenbreast, asparagus & green beans purée [7m+]

so light and delicious would serve this to my baby as a full meal at 7 months

-3/4 chicken breast
-3-4 asparagus
-1 handful of green beans
-2 small potatoes
-Plant based oil like rapeseed oil, sunflower oil ect.

All organic if possible – but asparagus is not on the dirty dozen list, they are the least to hold on pesticides so you can buy them non-organic if u want.


1. Steam the asparagus, green beans, chicken breast and green beans and potato until everything is cooked. About 15 min maybe more.

2. Blend into a purée and season as desired if your baby is 8m+ adding plant based oil too.

3. I added 3 tsp of formula too. That’s not necessarily I just did because my son likes it more if it’s creamy. Also he doesn’t drink much milk so that way I could make him get some. But if you choose to add formula you can omit the plant based fat. Up to you

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