Toddler Food Idea – Dinner meal

Toddler food idea - Dinner meal idea - gnocchi in tomato sauce, kale chips, roasted potato and blackberries

Gnocchi in pasta tomato sauce

It is easy to cook the same things over and over again and sometimes we get stuck and run out of ideas for new dinner food ideas which can become boring very quick. here is some inspiration for new and easy toddler food ideas that is super yummy and easy to make.

– Potato gnocchi in tomato pasta sauce
– Oven baked crispy kale chips

Kale Chips recipe: (remove the stem and tear the kale leaf apart into bite sizes and sprikle with some olive oil then spread the kale on a baking sheet placing them seperately and bake them in a 200C preheated oven until they turn crisp which they do very fast so keep an eye on them)
– left over roasted potato bites
– Big Juicy Blackberries.

All organic.

He ate most of the gnocchi, all the Potato, a couple of black berries and tasted the kale chips. I think he thought it was funny to chew on because it was so crispy. Age of this meal depends on your baby’s ability to chew. My son couldn’t chew kale chips well before until now and he is 18 months old, I just tear the chips into smaller bites before serving it

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