homemade fruit yoghurt

Greek yoghurt with apricot sauce kid fruit yoghurt - homemade
homemade fruit yoghurt - Greek yoghurt with apricot sauce

Greek yoghurt with apricot sauce

This super delicious homemade fruit yoghurt is not for babies only its for toddler and older kids too.

I always make homemade fruit yoghurt because almost all commercial yogurt is sweetened with sugar or another sweetener and it is really simple to make at home, ao why not give it a try and see for yourself?

I give this guilt free to my son as it is made of natural ingredients and completely sugar free. All I do is buy plain yogurt or greek yoghurt and add 1 ingredient with a natural sweet taste usually a fruit or a berry and mix them up! yes it is that simple!

– 3 ripe apricot
– 1 cup of Greek yoghurt (not fat-free or reduced fat)

Apricots are not on the “dirty dozen” list so buying them organic wouldn’t be necessary.


1. Wash then Boil the apricot in water for 1 min then remove the skin.

2. Purée the apricot and top the Greek yogurt with it. so simple

I wouldn’t make yogurt the main feature of my baby’s diet in the first year. It should be just one small part of a varied diet of solids.


Enjoy !

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