Green beans, banana and pear puree

Green beans, banana and pear puree [6m+]

this might seem as a weird combination and doesn’t look too appealing, but it tastes SO good!

– A handful of green beans
– 4 ripe pear
– 1 banana (can be omitted though)

All organic

1. Wash and cut the two ends of the green beans and steam them for 10-15 min or till u can cut through it easily, don’t give it too much till it loses too much color should stay green

2. Peel the ripe pear and blend it with the green beans and banana. That’s it.

Pour it into a little mashie, or serve it as it is. I love them I use them all the time for my son’s smoothies and purees specially when we go out for a walk with the stroller.
Freezable ❄️ !

Tip: add cooked oatmeal or rice if you want.


*Always consult your pediatrician for when to introduce solid food to your baby

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