Green Lentils and Pear Purée [8m+]


Organic Green Lentils and Pear Puree [8m+]

my kid loved it so much that I couldn’t take a proper picture. And then he just came to the table and dumped his banana into the puree mamma’s little helper ❤️ so sweet.

– 1 cup of green lentils soaked overnight or just as it is.
– 1 ripe banana (can be omitted)
– 4 ripe pears

1. Wash and boil the lentils like instructed on the package.
2. Add 3-4 tbsp of lentils to an empty bowl and puree with the peeled pear and banana. Add a banana for filling to the puree.
3. Pour into reusable pouches.

These are new designs from @littlemashies I’m always impressed by the quality of their product. It’s BPA free and everything. I love how the zipper is so strong! I highly recommend their pouches. these are bigger than the ordinary sizes which is great for toddlers.

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