Super creamy and healthy fish baby food puree

Super creamy fish & pumpkin baby purée

Healthy Fish Baby food puree & pumpkin for weaning babies aged 6 months - 7 months
Homemade baby food is just the best way to provide your baby with the best possible food.

This super easy, healthy fish baby food puree is a nutritious purée filled with vitamins providing your little one with the essential nutrients to develop a strong and healthy body and mind.

It doesn’t taste too fishy it has a fine balance between the vegetables and the fish.

Super creamy fish & pumpkin baby purée


Healthy fish baby food puree

Super yummy and if you’re having trouble introducing fish to your little one this would be ideal as a starter as it is a very mild and creamy baby puree and the texture is perfect.

Suitable for weaning babies from the age 6 months – 7 months, and if your baby has been on solid food from before the age of 4 months – 5 months then it would be fine to serve this baby puree starting from the age 6 months.

but remember that the recomendations for introducing fish for babies differs from country to country so you might want to consider consulting your pediatrician first.



1 white fish filet – I did use pangasius fish filet  – frozen is fine just make sure it’s of good quality
1 cup of green peas
1/2 Hokkaido pumpkin
4 parsnips
All organic if possible



1. Peel the ingredients and remove the seeds from the pumpkin. Chop everything into smaller pieces.

2. Add the fish to a baking dish and season with cumin, thyme (optional) Preheat oven to 200C and roast the fish till it is well cooked! Very important!!

3. Meanwhile add the produce to a medium saucepan (except the green peas that you add 5 minutes before the meal is done) and sauté in a little olive oil and then add 300 ml of water or homemade vegetable stock. Let it to boil quietly until the produce is well cooked and you easily can cut through.

4. Puree everything and if you want add a little water to thin the puree out. Let it cool down.

5. Pour the mixture into baby food containers and freeze. I use kiddofeedo baby food containers it comes with a lid and is so easy to use. You can get them at:

❄️ Suitable for freezing – 
Freezes up till 3 months.

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