Hokkaido pumpkin & Mango purée

Hokkaido pumpkin & Mango baby purée - homemade baby food

Hokkaido pumpkin & Mango

[6m+] I’d serve this.

Storing them in @kiddofeedo baby food freezer trays.

-1 pumpkin Hokkaido
– 1 Ripe mango
– 1 tbsp of oil


1. Cut the Hokkaido and remove all the seeds with a spoon and peel the mango.

2. Steam the Hokkaido with the peel (because it’s way easier to peel when it’s cooked) for 15 min. Then peel it when it cools down.

3. Purée the ingredients and add some oil and pour into a babyfood freezer tray I use kiddo feedo’s freezer trays as they has a perfect size for baby portions.

Freezable ❄️ portion fits one whole kiddofeedo tray

I recommend owning such baby food tray if you are planning to make homemade baby food for a long time. Makes storing baby food easy and it stores big portions for big babies


Can be ordered atwww.kiddofeedo.com

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