Homemade Hummus [8m+]

Homemade Hummus [8+]

Built from the buttom! So delicious!.
My baby looooves hummus me too this recipe for babies and adults.

– 1 lemon
– 2-3 garlic
– 1 cup of tahini (Can be omitted and replaced with plain yoghurt for 6m-12m old babies)
– 1/2 dl of oliveoil
– 500 gram of chick pea soaked in water for a whole night. (Or organic canned if in a hurry)
– 1 tbsp cumin (or more as desired)
– 1 tbsp paprika
Salt (for 12+) or family

1⃣. Boil the chick pea with water for about 45-60 min till they get very soft and until the peel goes off easily.

2⃣. While the chick peas is boiling, start blending the other ingredients, tahini and lemon, minced garlic and oliveoil, cumin and paprika, till it gets soft in consistency, keep blending blending blending in a food processor.

3⃣. When the chick pea is cooked soft, start the peeling process. Peeling the chick pea makes the humus much lighter and softer in consistency. Can work with the peel on, it just won’t get as soft as without.

4⃣. Add half of the portion of the chick peas to the other ingredients and keep blending and blending till it gets soft. Then add the rest of the portion and now it’s all about blending.

5⃣. Blend, blend and blend and add water for the desired consistency and keep blending for minutes and minutes till it gets fluffy and soft! Yum! Add salt if it’s for 12+ with the rest of the ingredients

Freezable ❄️

This was just great! My baby loves hummus and it’s a great source of protein because of the chick pea.

It’s great for the rest of the family.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Hummus [8m+]

    Mark McCarson

    (18.08.2016 - 22:21)

    Is tahini bad for a 12 month old? I’m not a big fan of Greek yogurt, and if I make this hummus, I know I would eat it with my son. Thank you for all your recipes!


      (30.08.2016 - 14:10)

      No you can definitely give tahini earlier than 12 months, just make sure your baby doesn’t have sesame allergy. otherwise it should be fine 🙂

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