How Much Dairy Should My Kid Eat?

Does your kid consume too much dairy a day or maybe not enough? Here’s a general guide to help answering this. The list will show how much dairy is recommended for kids in their different ages.

Dairy for kids
How Much Dairy Should My Kids Eat? What dairy products are recommended for kids? And more important how much daily?

I have honestly been wondering the same thing with my own two kids. How much dairy should my kids eat? Are they having too much? or maybe they need more? What dairy products is recommended for kids? What do they need milk, cheeses, yogurt etc.?  I know for a fact that i am not the only one asking this. Through my time on social media I’ve connected with a lot of parents asking the same. And the answer usually surprises a lot of parents as it is much less than assumed by many.

To answer this question I have worked with Pediatric and maternal dietitian Kathleen Perrone from Australia to guide parents through this. The list below shows how much dairy a child should have a day.

Dietitian Kathleen’s guide for the dairy intake of kids:

How much dairy should a child have?

After 1 year of age milk is just a food and comes under the dairy food group. Too much milk fills up little ones tummies and I always recommend dairy comes from a variety of sources.

  • ? Between 6-12 months breastmilk or formula continues to be the main source of nutrition for your baby. From around 6 months small amounts of yoghurt and cheese can be offered as well as cows milk used in cooking. Cows milk should not be offered as a drink for babies under 12 months.
  • ? 1 – 2 year olds 1 serve per day is the recommendation
  • ? 2-3 year olds 1.5 serves is recommended

1 serve of dairy means = 1 cup (250ml) milk, 2 slices of cheese or 200g of yoghurt.

This is an average – some days your child might have more, some days less. Providing dairy foods is part of your job as a parent providing the what, when and where of feeding.

Let your child decide how much they will eat without pressure

If you think your child does not tolerance dairy or you follow a dairy free diet it’s recommended you seek individual advice from a Dietitian or your medical professional to ensure your child’s diet it adequate for nutrition and growth.

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