Vitamin-C Immune booster fall juice

Juicing is a very effective and easy way to sneak veggies and lots of nutrients into your toddler or baby’s diet without hearing any complains, actually it will be considered as a treat.

vitamin-c immune booster juice for your baby and toddler to kick off this cold weather with

This juice is a big Vitamin-C Immune booster and is loaded with nutrients, super great for preparing your toddler or even older baby for the upcoming cold windy days.

Did you know that red and yellow bell pepper contains more vitamin-C than orange provides? Studies has showns that consumin vitamin C can help shorten the lenght of time you’re sick and also prevent colds.

So let’s juice them up!

My son and I went out and enjoyed the colorful weather, we picked a couple of leaves and hand picked some apples and went back home for a fresh fall juice that you will “fall” in love with.

You can almost make juice out of anything and it is a really great way to sneak lots of nutrients into your child’s diet without hearing any complains!

Recipe requires a juicer. You can get very cheap ones though, doesn’t have to cost much! Please share if you can recommend a certain brand of juicer!


– 1 pomegranate
– 3 carrots
– 1-2 cups of grapes
– 1-2 yellow or red bell pepper
– 5 basil leaves (Can be omitted)
All Organic

1. Juice everything with your juicer that’s it.


Super fresh and delicious! Made this juice to begin with for myself to share with him but my toddler son took over as usual

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