Chicken in creamy asparagus sauce

Chicken in creamy asparagus sauce [8m+]

Oh ladies u really have to try this for your little one! My son L O V E D it! Me too

It’s chicken in creamy asparagus sauce [8m+] can be frozen as well for other meal times!

For this u have to make a homemade chicken stock.

-1 whole chicken
-1 leek
-2 white onions
-2 carrots
-4 potatoes
-2 bay leafs (can be omitted)
-3 cloves (can be omitted)

For the sauce u need:
-1 can of white asparagus with its water. Cut it.
-2 knots of butter
-2 tbsp of flour or maybe more
-600 ml milk or more
-300-400 ml of chicken stock

The chickenstock:
1⃣. Boil the chicken with the vegetables for about 1 hr. Till the chicken is cooked.

2⃣. Remove the chicken and then remove the vegetables from the stock through a sieve, make sure there’s no lumps left and that it’s clean liquid.

3⃣. Shred the chicken. And now the stock and chicken are ready to be used in the sauce.

The asparagus sauce:
1⃣. Add butter to a heated medium sized or big sauce pan. When the butter melts add the flour and stir.

2⃣. Add milk a bit at a time and stir. And repeat. Make sure it gets a creamy consistency. I stirred with a hand blender making sure there’s no lumps left.

3⃣. Add the asparagus with its water and and stir.

4⃣. Add 300 ml of chicken stock or more. And stir. Then add the chicken.

5⃣. Season with whatever u want, I seasoned with thyme, black pepper and a little salt since my baby is 12m+

Tip: don’t throw the vegetables from the chickenstock away, instead make a puree for your LO with it and freeze. No food waste freeze the rest of the chicken stock for other meals, and if u don’t use the whole chicken freeze that too as well and use it as finger food.

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