Kale, Apple and Parsnip Purée [7m+]


Kale, Apple & Parsnip Purée [7m+]

I’m kinda obsessed with Kale at the moment! It is just so nutritious that I would love to use it at any occasion lol.

if you don’t already know, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C and K, and is loaded with powerful antioxidants so why not add this super food to boost your little ones meal with



-4 apples
-1 kale leave
-1 parsnip
– Plant based fats like rapeseed oil, coconut oil ect.

All organic

1. Peel and cut the parsnip and apples. And wash the kale.

2. Steam everything for about 15 min or until everything is cooked, u might have to remove the apples and steam the rest because they cook faster.

3. Remove them from the pot and add the ingredients to a bowl and blend with some of the steaming water into a puree. Add some fat and blend it according to your baby’s ability to chew.

Simple, nutritious and full of flavor!

Although my son is 15 months old I do serve these purées as smoothies for him that he can enjoy in between his big meals. What I really give him is what I serve on the plates that I also post in here. He is BLW but also eats purées as smoothies I’m thankful for that!

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