Mashed Vegetables, cottage cheese & couscous

Cous cous with mashed veggies - Super yum and nutritious baby and toddler meal

Mashed vegetables with cottage cheese and couscous

This mashed vegetable with cottage cheese recipe is loaded with so many nutrients, it is very filling and very tasty. The fluffy couscous makes the meal even better. It’s perfect for babies, as well as toddler’s.


– 2 small potatoes
– 1 small handful of spinach
-1 handful of broccoli
-2 carrots
-1 cup of Green peas
-2 cups of cottage cheese
-1 cup of couscous

You can basically use whatever vegetables u like


1. Cut peel the vegetables

2. Steam or boil the vegetables.

3. Mash the vegetables and add the cottage cheese and mix.

4. Make the couscous as instructed on the package add butter and serve.

I love steaming couscous as it gets this airy texture.

Simple yet nutritious baby food.


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