Mini picnic sandwiches

avocado and egg kid friendly picnic sandwiches

Avocado & Egg mini sandwichtes

Mini picnic sandwiches! Great for summer adventures and out door lunching.

For both parents and babies.

Age depends on your baby’s ability to chew.

1. Ripe Avocado
1. Egg
1. Lettuce leave
2 wholegrain toast.

All organic

1. Hard boil the egg (about 8 min). Then peel. TIP: Use a container with some water to shake the peel off the egg. This technique makes it easier to remove the peel immediate.

2. Mash the avocado and season with some garlic, pepper or lemon if u like and spread on one side of the toasts. But do it on each piece.

2. Add the washed lettuce on top.

3. Cut the egg with a egg divider and spread on the toast.

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