Organic Apple puree [4m-6m+]

Prepping baby food - Organic Apple puree suitable from 4 months

Organic Apple puree [4m-6m+]

I’ve decided to share our weaning journey to inspire and get inspired by other moms! I’m a first time mom and I’m passionate about making healthy baby food for my kid. I’m trying my best to introduce a variety of food and textures and flavors! So follow us on our journey and share your experience with us as well!

First recipe. Apple puree [4m+] if your baby is on solid food.



3-4 sweet organic apples
Plant based oil (like rapeseed oil)



1. Peel and cut the apples.

2. Steam until they get soft.

3. Add plantbased Butter(or any other kind of fat)

4. Blend the apples with a bit of its own water.

5. Pour into the ice tray

6. Put it Into the freezer. And reheat whenever needed.


Tip: use the apple puree icecubes to your baby’s hot oatmeal porridge, it helps cooling down the porridge quickly.

Notice its better to peel the apples if it’s for 4-6 months old babies, I choose to leave it bcz there’s so much nutrition with the peel on than without and my baby is old enough to tolerate it.

Ice tray from ikea.


*always consult your pediatrician about when to introduce solid food.


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