Chick pea, Beetroot Baby Food Puree

Chick pea beet root baby food puree - Super yummy and nutritious

Organic Beetroot Puree with Carrots and Chickpea

This yummy and super colorful chick pea, beetroot baby food puree is so easy to make and yet super delicious, freezable and nutritious.

Beet roots contain a great amount of calcium, potassium and vitamin A. Both Vitamin A and Calcium play a large role in the healthy development of your baby. Beets are also known for its high fiber content.

When cooking baby food purees make sure that the beets is completely peeled because the peel of beets are not easily digestible.



1- 1/2 beetroot
2 – 4 carrots
3 – 1 cup of chick pea soaked in water the night before (or organic canned chick pea)

all organic



1. boil the carrots and boil the chick pea in  another pot on its own (if using canned chick pea then do not boil) and steamed the beetroot. you can boil everything for less work.
2. When the chick pea is cooked and the rest of the produce too, add some of its own boil water to thin the puree out.

3. Blend everything and add olive oil or other kind of oil or fat.

You can use less beetroot due to the fact that it’s recommended to use small amounts of it. In Denmark it’s recommended that it only takes 1/10 part of the meal until the age of 1 year old.

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3 thoughts on “Chick pea, Beetroot Baby Food Puree


    (02.05.2016 - 9:33)

    very nice


    (07.06.2016 - 13:21)

    Good food my son 4month old this food ok


      (09.06.2016 - 16:12)

      No this recipe is not suitable for a 4 month old, it is suitable from 7 months of age

      X Kawn

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