Babyfood: Organic sweet potato, parsnip & apple egg cake

Organic sweet potato, parsnip & apple egg cake.



-1 parsnip
-3 small sweet Potatoes
-1 apple
-4-6 eggs
-400 ml of milk (less or more)
-Shreded Cheese for topping

All organic (except the sweet potato)


1. Peel and cut everything. I shreded most of the vegetables and used a mandolin to slice the sweet potato with.

2. Steam the produce half way through before baking it in the oven

3. Meanwhile Mix the eggs, milk and HALF the cheese in a bowl leave some for the topping.

4. Place the steamed vegetables in layers in a baking dish. and pour the eggs and milk and cheese mixture over the vegetables and mix everything together, make sure the vegetables are covered a bit.

5. Insert the baking dish to a preheated 200 C oven and bake till the vegetables are well cooked.

6. Add shredded cheese after 15 min of baking. And put it back into the oven and wait till the cheese is well melted and golden.


It’s so delicious! It’s great babyfood and toddlerfood but it’s also great for adults!

Post Author: Kawn Al-Jabbouri

3 thoughts on “Babyfood: Organic sweet potato, parsnip & apple egg cake

    Kidsfood Universe

    (14.09.2015 - 10:01)

    […] find the recipe here: sweet potato eggcake […]


    (21.11.2015 - 8:46)

    Salam/hi! Am just wondering, what did u do with the apple? 🙂


      (23.11.2015 - 12:21)

      Sorry, You also add that with the rest of the vegetables, you steam it half way through and place it in layers like the rest of the produce.

      Thank you


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