Oven-baked Butternut Squash [4m-6m+]

Baby food puree - oven baked Butternut Squash suitable from 4 months old

Great first food purée

Oven-baked butternut squash

suitable from [4m-6m+]


1 Organic butternut squash

2. Fat of your choice.


1. Cut in two half’s and remove the seeds.

2. Put it in a baking dish and pour water till it reaches 1/2 cm up the butternut squash.

3. Bake for 40-45 min till the squash gets soft.

4. Take the peel of and blend it with rapeseed oil (or other kind of oil)

5. Serve and freeze the rest

Baking them enhances the sweet taste the butternut squash has but u have to pick a ripe one to begin with.


Tip: How to pick your butternut squash ripe:

Visual clues can tell you a lot about the butternut squash. It should be **beige all over**, the darker the shade, the better. It should have no green patches. The skin should be mat, not shiny, and free of cuts and blemishes

Feel the Squash
The weight of a squash can also give indications about its ripeness. It should “feel heavy for its size”

Tap It gently with your knuckles. You’ll hear a “hollow sound” if it’s ripe.


*Always consult your pediatrician when introducing solid foods. The recommendations says to wean at 6 months, but there’s always exceptions, and some babies has to wean at 4-6, these recipes can be used to babies weaning at 4-6 months.

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