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Pasta, courgette, sweetpotato & carrot purée

Baby food - Pasta, courgette, sweetpotato & carrot purée suitable from 6 months

Pasta, courgette, sweetpotato & carrot purée

[6m+] I’d serve this. This is a very ”filling” puree so I would serve this as dinner for my baby to sleep on.

So if you have a baby that does wake up at night for food, this might satisify your little ones apetite.

-1/2 courgette
– 1 sweet potato
– 1 cup of pasta (you can use whole grain pasta too)
– 2-3 small carrots
– Plant based fat.

All organic if possible.


1. Peel the carrots, sweetpotato & courgette (optional)

2. Steam the Vegetables then soft boil the pasta with a little oil.

3. Purée everything until the desired consistency is reached. Add some plant based fat and serve.


Tip: You can add a little chicken or fish meat to the puree.


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