Plate arrangement – Toddler dinner

Toddler dinner inspiration, melon balls, grilled spiced chicken, asparagus, raisins

Toddler dinner inspiration

little more fun dinner today

– Dragon fruit and watermelon balls. Yum!
– Grilled asparagus
– Grilled chicken breast marinated with curry and yoghurt.
– Raisins.

All organic if possible 

Realized the chicken bites was too big so I halved them.

NB: requires a lot of chewing the chicken and asparagus when grilled. If you steam them or cut them into smaller bites it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dragon fruit also known as pitahaya, is a tropical fruit high in antioxidants. Good source of Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and fiber. They are two types of pitahaya, with red flesh one is the most delicious but I couldn’t find.

Plate by @donebydeer


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