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First food Prepping – Homemade baby food

Prepping homemade baby food 1-2 weeks ahead will save you a lot of time and trouble. All it takes is to get into a routine, following a few steps, preparation and storage techniques.How to prep your baby's first food - homemade baby food

First food prepping – Homemade Baby food

Prepping homemade baby food 1-2 weeks ahead will save you a lot of time and trouble in the kitchen. All it takes is to get into a routine following a few steps, preparation and storage techniques.

This will make your homemade baby food weaning journey easy. I promise!

The cooking utensils I use for making my own homemade baby food is usually nothing fancy really. I use simple utensils that are more than enough to use. I use an immersion hand blender, ice cube trays or baby food containers, and my steamer pot. I use the traditional steamer pot that has holes in it that you place on top of another boiling pot.

This is a guide to how to get started making your own homemade baby food.

How to get started:

1. Pick a couple of free hours in your calendar. Or use your baby’s nap hours.

2. Choose a couple of recipes (usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and write down the ingredients.

3. Shop all the ingredients 1 day in advance ( or the same day )

4. Prepare the ingredients by peeling, cutting, pitting coring.

5. Cook as instructed

6. Blend the ingredients and leave it to cool.

7. Pour the mixture into baby food containers.

8. Mark the containers with a date and the type of purée

9. Make room in the freezer for the containers.

10. Freeze and reheat whenever demanded.

You can reheat the cubes in a saucepan, or use a Lillypot  if you do not microwave and to minimise the nutritional value of the food as it gets reheated by steaming methods.

if you microwave just stir and leave it to cool just make sure there’s no hot spots in the food when serving.

Now this homemade baby food recipe is made of green peas that I have steamed for a couple of minutes and then puréed with its own boil water and poured the mixture into an ice tray and froze.

You can mix these cubes with other veggie cubes and vary the mixture from time to time. I’d give this from [6m+]


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