Product review of: ezpzfun the happy mat.


Product review of: ezpzfun the happy mat.

It’s a genius invention and a must have for messy eaters!

It’s a mat and placemat in one, which means that it captures all of your kids’ messes. Plus, due to the unique design and silicone construction, the mat self-seals to the table, so your baby can’t tip the plate! Which my son does occasionally.

Placemat suctions to the table (prevents tipped bowls & plates)
Easy cleanup & storage
Dry erase markers can be used on mats

I love it! I really have to credit the designer of this useful product.

It is so convenient to take out if you’re visiting or eating outdoors or in a restaurant

Some info:
-It’s made of 100% silicone
-Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, heat resistant.
-Phthalate free
-Does not harbor bacteria

Product tested ✅ highly recommending it! Wish I had like 4 of these hehe

I don’t recommend useless products, as it is expensive having children already and I don’t want parents to spend more money on products that doesn’t work. This works!

You can buy them at:

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