Rice, Sweet potato, minced meat and peas purée

organic Rice, Sweet potato, minced meat and peas baby food purée

Rice, Sweet potato, minced meat and peas purée, I’d serve this at [7m+] as a full meal.

When I prepare homemade baby food for my son I make sure that the meals I serve provides the nourishment my son needs. As your baby grows the food needs to be more substantial, you can add “filling” ingredients like rice or potatoes to begin with.

It’s good to offer a variety of food so that babies don’t become used to a particular taste or texture that’s what I try to do with all my recipes

-1 sweet potato
– 1 cup of peas
– 1 cup of risotto rice.
– 2 tbsp of minced meat


1. Peel and cut the sweet potato and wash the rice.

2. Steam or oven bake the sweet potato (I personally prefer baking sweet potatoes as it enhances the sweet taste) and steam the meat all together. for about 15-20 min, until the meat is cooked properly. Then cook the rice as instructed on the package.

3. When everything is done, purée or mash the ingredients. do what your baby can handle. And serve.



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