Bean Stuffed Sweetpotato


Stuffed sweetpotato with black beans, chick pea and corn.

Super tasty and full of flavor and colors!

Wonderful for toddlers and the rest of the family. Older babies can have it too, just make sure they’re able to chew well and that they can tolerate the ingredients.

Everything tastes better when using fresh food, so I decided to make the corn myself instead of using canned sweet corn and believe me you can taste the difference.

– 1 sweet potato
– 3/4 green bell pepper
– 1 whole corn boiled corn
– 3/4 onion
– 2 tbsp chick pea
– 1 cup of preboiled black beans
– oil & seasoning

All organic if possible.


1. Wash and dry the sweet potato then poke holes in it all over with a fork.

2. Preheat the oven at 200C and bake the sweet Potato for about 1 hr or till it’s soft all the way through, the softer the better.

3. While the sweet potato is baking, sauté onion in olive oil then add green bell pepper and the rest of the ingredients.

4. Season the mixture.

5. Split the sweet potato lengthwise cutting just not through. Stuff it with the goodies and sprinkle some Cheese if desired.



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