Sweet Potato and Pear Purée [4m-6m+]

Sweet Potato and Pear Purée suitable from 4 months

Sweet Potato and Pear Purée [4m-6m+]

-1 small sweetpotato or 1/2 a big sweet potato.
-2 pears
-Plant based fat like rapeseed oil, coconut oil ect.

All organic

1. Wash the ingredients. Peel the pears (I didn’t because my son is old enough to tolerate it) and poke holes in the sweetpotato.

2. Steam the pears and bake the sweetpotato in the oven. Or you can steam both together I just love to roast the sweetpotato as it enhances the taste and color.

3. When they are cooked peel the sweetpotato and blend with the pears into a puree with coconut butter or any other plant based fat. It just tastes wonderful with coconut butter!

That’s it. Simple and sooo tasty!

Post Author: Kawn Al-Jabbouri

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Pear Purée [4m-6m+]

    Febrina Primasanti

    (27.07.2016 - 1:30)

    Mom do you use beaba or babymoov to cook baby food or you just use traditional tools like steamer, blender? Tq


      (28.07.2016 - 19:57)

      I just use traditional steaming pots 🙂

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