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Sneaky vegetable Egg Frittatas

Sneaky vegetable egg frittatas. A great way to add all kind of veggies into one meal, a very nutritious finger food. [8m+] I’d give this in small baby bites also knowing my son is not allergic to eggs. Great for the whole family to enjoy. Recipe Makes a whole baking dish. Use half the measurements if its just for you and your baby.

Sneaky vegetable egg frittatas - Finger food for babies and toddlers packed with nutrients in one meal

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Baked Tri-colored Carrot Finger food.

Baked tri-colored carrots great as a side dish to toddler meals as well as babies practicing self-feeding. sprinkle some dry herbs and serve as is.

Baked tri-colored carrot baby and toddler finger food

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Egg muffins with hidden veggies

kid Egg muffins with hidden veggies suitable from 8 months +

Healthy egg muffins with hidden veggies

These Egg muffins with hidden veggies are a very simple way to sneak some extra nutrients into your kids meal without hearing any complains

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Squash, carrot & fig purée [6m+]

Baby food - Squash, carrot & fig purée suitable from 6 months old
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Homemade lemonade fruit pops

Homemade lemonade fruit pops for teething babies and toddlers
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