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first food

Fiber packed baby puree

This meal is very satisfying as rye bread satisfies longer than wheat with the rye bread containing the highest level of bran providing the strongest effect on satiety. It improves digestion as it is rich in fiber and also protects from colon cancer and prevents diabetes.

Good recipe to help with constipation.

Fiber packed organic baby food puree Read More →


Squash, carrot & fig purée [6m+]

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Homemade lemonade fruit pops

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Beet, Apple, pear oats & millet porridge

baby food - millet porridge

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Pear, Banana & nectarine purée [6m+]

Pear, Banana & nectarine baby puree - fruit puree suitable from 6 months Read More →


Plate arrangement – Toddler dinner

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Baby – Toddler finger food Ideas


Toddler/baby food idea

My son had this for lunch:

– Flat bread with hummus spread

– Chia pudding made on Greek yoghurt that I’ve mixed with strawberries

– Avocados

– A whole very ripe nectarine. I’m aware of the stone in the nectarine I just remove it when he is about to reach the middle of it lol. I’m right in front of him.

Would serve this at [8m+] just cut into smaller bites.

Remember the nectarine has to be organic it’s on the dirty dozen list.

Cut them into smaller finger bites and they will be great for babies!


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