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Fiber packed baby puree

This meal is very satisfying as rye bread satisfies longer than wheat with the rye bread containing the highest level of bran providing the strongest effect on satiety. It improves digestion as it is rich in fiber and also protects from colon cancer and prevents diabetes.

Good recipe to help with constipation.

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Super creamy and healthy fish baby food puree

Super creamy fish & pumpkin baby purée

Healthy Fish Baby food puree & pumpkin for weaning babies aged 6 months - 7 monthsHomemade baby food is just the best way to provide your baby with the best possible food.

This super easy, healthy fish baby food puree is a nutritious purée filled with vitamins providing your little one with the essential nutrients to develop a strong and healthy body and mind.

It doesn’t taste too fishy it has a fine balance between the vegetables and the fish.

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Baby’s All-Purpose Organic Apple Pear Puree

Organic Apple Pear Puree suitable for baby weaning 4-6 months +

Baby’s All Purpose Organic Apple Pear Puree 


You can use this light and  healthy fruit puree as it is or as a topping to your toddler or baby’s oatmeal porridge for some extra flavor and nutrients.

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First food Prepping – Homemade baby food

Prepping homemade baby food 1-2 weeks ahead will save you a lot of time and trouble. All it takes is to get into a routine, following a few steps, preparation and storage techniques.How to prep your baby's first food - homemade baby food Read More →

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