The importance of iron in baby’s diet

The importance of iron in baby’s diet. Iron is critical for babies’ brain development and cognitive function so read more below on what foods boost the iron intake.

The importance of iron in baby’s’ diet.


Lisa Hewitt from is a holistic infant nutritionist and she is going to share with us today a very important subject. The importance of iron in baby’s’ diet.

Iron is critical for brain development and cognitive function. Babies begin to store iron in-utero during 3rd trimester of pregnancy; approximately enough to last them 6-months.

E-coli along with other unhealthy bacteria depend on iron for food therefore, as an inherent way of protecting the baby, milk from all mammals is low in iron by design.

According to WHO the recommended daily allowance for babies ages 6 – 12 months is 11mg.

This is 3mg higher than the RDA for adult males revealing the necessity of including iron-rich foods in baby’s diet on a regular basis.

However, nutritionally speaking if a child requires a certain nutrient at a certain time then fortified foods are only a modern solution.

My preference over synthetic sources of iron is to include iron-rich foods, from whole-food sources:

Preferred Sources of Iron:

Non-Vegetarian (heme – best absorbed):

  • Organic liver (pasture-raised)
  • lamb
  • beef
  • chicken
  • turkey
  • wild salmon
  • egg yolk
  • oysters.


  • Steamed spinach / leafy greens
  • legumes / lentils
  • pumpkin / sunflower seeds
  • quinoa / amaranth
  • raisins / prunes / figs
  • blackstrap molasses
  • sea vegetables.

Vitamin C rich foods increase absorption of all iron:

Berries, Broccoli, Leafy Greens, Squash, Sauerkraut

Besides iron there are many other important nutrients to include over the next 18-months. Maintain a primary focus on nutritionally-rich whole-foods to ensure baby is getting the wide spectrum of nutrition to best support growth + healthy development in the first two years of life.

You will find tons of recipes on this website that is iron rich, so make sure you check these off on your ”to do” list for your baby’s meal planning.

Thank you for reading with us we hope this was useful!

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