Lunch Idea – Figs on Ryebread

Toddler Lunch Idea - Figs on Ryebread

 Fig on Ryebread


This is one of our favorite in between meals using simple ingredients.

Good for finger food just cut the it into smaller baby bites.

Ryebread isn’t something you see a lot but it is actually way healthier than other types of wheat bread.  It is a part of the Danish food culture and we eat this almost daily.
It’s fiber rich, it lowers insulin response, improves blood glucose profile and it reduces body weight compared to wheat.

Rye bread satisfies longer than wheat with the rye bread containing the highest level of bran providing the strongest effect on satiety. It improves digestion as it is rich in fiber and also protects from colon cancer and prevents diabetes.

– 1 ripe fig
– Rye bread
– Butter

Organic if possible.

1. Wash and (peel optional) the fig and slice it into very thin slices either with a sharp knife or with a mandolin.

2. Spread butter on rye bread and top it with the figs.



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