Make your own snack station



For those who has a Lillypot or are planning to get one I found out my lillypot can be used for more than babyfood!

This was SO delicious

Organic Strawberries
couverture white and dark chocolate
Nuts of any kind (i used almonds)

1. Take a small sized saucepan and put water inside and heat and place your lillypot on top.

2. Put the chocolate and nuts on each cube and wait till the chocolate melts (about 7-8 min)

3. Dip your strawberries on one type of chocolate then wait till it gets a bit hard before dipping it in another type of chocolate. I just refrigerated it for 2 min.

4. Last – dip it in nuts and place the strawberries on a plate and refridgerate for 5 min. That’s it enjoy!

The sweeter the strawberries the better it tastes! Oh yum!

you can order them at

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