Toddler/baby dinner Idea


Toddler/baby dinner Idea:

-Bulgur made on homemade Chicken Stock instead of water for some flavor. Simply just cook the bulgur as instructed on the package and replace the water with homemade stock.

-Seasoned white fish with cumin and lemon, then I just dipped the fishes in some olive oil and then dipped them in breadcrumbs so that it could get a crispy surface which my son absolutely loved. Then I just roasted them with a little oil on a medium sized pan.

Boiled corn cut in two halfs which I regret because he had a better grip of a whole piece.


I’d serve this at [8 months+] of age because there’s seasoning in the food but if you omit that and your baby is ready for stage 3 (finger food) then before is fine. Just make sure that your baby is not allergic to any of these ingredients.

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