White fish, sweet potato & green bean purée [7m+]

baby food - White fish, sweet potato & green bean purée

White fish, sweet potato & green bean purée [7m+]

This has been one of my son’s favorite purees when he was introduced to fish meat at first. Fish is a great source of healthy fats for your little ones developing brain. It tastes great and the combination goes so well together. Great recipe to use when you want to give your little one fish, as it doesn’t taste too fishy. Plus another great tip is – You can hide anything in sweet potato!

-1 medium sized sweet potato or 1/2 big sweet potato.
– 1 handful of green beans
– 1 small white fish filet (frozen or fresh) just make sure it is of a good quality and doesn’t smell too fishy.

All organic if possible.


1. Peel the sweet potato and wash the green beans and cut both ends of them.

2. Steam sweet potato, green beans and the white fish. About 15-20 min. You might have to remove the sweet potato first as it cooks faster then the rest of the ingredients.

3. Purée the whole thing and add some of its own boilwater to thin out if neccesary.

4. Store in small portions in baby food containers and use for another time.





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